No More Fancy Rentals: Minister Dean Macpherson Puts His Foot Down

Dean Macpherson

The End of an Era for Office and Housing Rentals

No More New Digs for Executives and MPs

Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Dean Macpherson, has announced a major shift in housing and office space policy for executives and Members of Parliament (MPs). In a statement released on Thursday, Macpherson made it clear that his department will no longer be procuring new houses or offices for government officials.

Making Do with What We Have

Dean Macpherson emphasized that the department will allocate housing from existing state properties. He stated that they will flatly reject any requests for new procurements.

Dean MacphersonBudget-Friendly Furnishings

The minister also noted that there would be no additional spending on existing properties. Officials will have to get comfortable with the furniture that’s already in place. “No new office rentals will be entertained,” he said.

Housing from State-Owned Stock

“As the department responsible for the accommodation of the executive and MPs, we will house all members from the available properties of the state. We will not rent or lease any accommodation or office space. Those days are over,” Macpherson stated.

A Tight Fiscal Ship

Dean Macpherson confirmed that there is ample stock available to meet the needs of both the executive and MPs. He cited the state’s tight fiscal position as a crucial factor in this decision. “Our economy cannot accommodate requests for the procurement of new accommodation. Moreover, we have listened to the message of the citizens about being prudent with the public purse and cut down on perks and invest more in creating jobs and growing the economy,” he explained.

Building a Future

“My number one priority is to invest in infrastructure and turn SA into a huge construction site under the theme #LetsBuildSA,” Macpherson concluded.

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