Leon Schreiber and the Saga of the Green ID Books

Leon Schreiber

The New Home Affairs Minister Steps In


Leon Schreiber, the new Minister of Home Affairs, has taken on the task of clarifying the confusion surrounding the green ID books in South Africa. As the country transitions to the new smart ID card system, Schreiber aims to address public concerns and set the record straight.

Green ID Books vs. Smart ID Cards

Background on the ID System

In 2013, South Africa introduced the smart ID card system, and over 25 million cards have been issued since then. Despite this progress, more than 13 million South Africans still need to upgrade from their old green ID books.

Official Clarification

Recent rumors suggested that the Department of Home Affairs would soon discontinue the green ID books. However, Thulani Mavuso, the Department’s DDG, clarified that green ID books remain valid until all 38 million smart cards have been issued. This process is expected to take another two years.

Security Concerns

Mavuso warned that continuing to use green ID books poses a security risk due to their vulnerability to identity theft and fraud. The smart ID card, with its biometric identification, offers a safer alternative.

Why Upgrade to a Smart ID Card?

Enhanced Security

The primary reason for upgrading to a smart ID card is security. Unlike the green ID book, the smart card includes biometric data, making it much harder for fraudsters to replicate.

Keepsake Option

For those who wish to keep their green ID books for sentimental reasons, Home Affairs offers to place a “cancelled” stamp on the old book after upgrading to the smart card. This way, you can retain it as a keepsake without compromising on security.

Meet Leon Schreiber

The New Minister’s Background

Leon Schreiber, 36, holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a PhD in political science. He matriculated from Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch, a school known for producing Springbok rugby players. Schreiber is also an author, having written “Coalition Country: South Africa After the ANC” in 2018.

His Vision

In his first official tweet, Schreiber pledged to serve South Africans to the best of his abilities. He emphasized collaboration and the potential to solve even the most challenging problems when working together.


As the transition to smart ID cards continues, Leon Schreiber and the Department of Home Affairs are working to ensure a smooth and secure process. The green ID book saga highlights the importance of embracing new technology for better security and efficiency.

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