Ramaphosa’s Big Reveal: GNU Cabinet Edition

GNU Cabinet

Ramaphosa Calls Family Meeting to Announce GNU Cabinet

Location: South Africa

The Big Announcement: Tonight at 21:00, President Cyril Ramaphosa will announce his new Cabinet under the Government of National Unity (GNU). This comes after lengthy negotiations filled with delays, leaked communications, and late-night discussions. Finally, a deal between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the African National Congress (ANC) has been reached.

The Big Announcement

Presidency spokesperson Vincent Magwenya confirmed Ramaphosa’s address to the nation at 21:00. “The new national executive will form the seventh democratic administration as a government of national unity, including a range of political parties, following the national and provincial elections on Wednesday, 29 May 2024,” said Magwenya. The announcement will be broadcast on SABC TV.

This is a historic moment for South Africa, similar to Nelson Mandela’s 1994 coalition government. Mandela had appointed FW de Klerk as a deputy president and included ten ministers from the National Party and IFP.

The Deal with the DA

DA leader John Steenhuisen confirmed that a meeting with Ramaphosa on Friday to mend relations had positive results. “We have reached a deal, but there are final touches that still need to be done,” said Steenhuisen.

Cabinet Positions Secured by the DA:

MinistriesDeputy Ministries
Home AffairsFinance
Basic EducationEnergy and Electricity
AgricultureSmall Business Development
Public Works and InfrastructureWater and Sanitation
Communications and Digital TechHigher Education
Forestry, Fisheries, EnvironmentDepartment of Trade, Industry, Competition
Small Business Development (Duplicate)

Political Context

During the first sitting of Parliament on 15 June, Ramaphosa secured re-election as state president for a second term. Competing against EFF leader Julius Malema, Ramaphosa received 283 votes, while Malema garnered 44 votes.

Parliamentary Leadership

  • National Assembly Speaker: Thoko Didiza (ANC)
  • Deputy Speaker: Annelie Lotriet (DA)
  • National Council of Provinces Chair: Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane (Former Mpumalanga Premier)

The Negotiation Saga

Negotiations for the GNU started after the ANC’s poor performance in the May elections. Ramaphosa announced that the ANC would negotiate with other political parties to form a GNU. Now, ten political parties, including the ANC, DA, Patriotic Alliance, GOOD, Al Jama-ah, Rise Mzansi, PAC, UDM, IFP, and the FF Plus, are part of this unity government.

Delays and tensions marked the negotiations, with a deadlock between the DA and ANC causing Ramaphosa to delay his Cabinet announcement. A crucial meeting between Steenhuisen and Ramaphosa resolved the issues after a contentious letter from Ramaphosa criticized the DA for “moving the goalposts.” Additionally, an EFF proposal to form a coalition excluding the DA and FF Plus pushed the DA to accept Ramaphosa’s final offer.

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