DA and ANC Cabinet Negotiations: The Latest Updates

DA and ANC Cabinet

Potential DA Ministers

DA and ANC Cabinet: The Democratic Alliance (DA) is in the process of deciding which of its members will take on ministerial roles. Potential candidates include party leader John Steenhuisen, Leon Schreiber, Dean Macpherson, Parliamentary chief whip Siviwe Gwarube, spokesperson Solly Malatsi, and Mathew Cuthbert. The DA aims to secure key portfolios such as Communications & Digital Technologies, and Forestry, Fisheries & Environment.

Cabinet Agreement: A Compromise for Both Parties

Helen Zille’s Optimism

DA Federal Council Chair Helen Zille expressed confidence that an agreement with the ANC would be reached before the end of the weekend. She acknowledged that the final deal might not fully satisfy either party but would be sufficient to allow the DA to influence government operations meaningfully.

“If we do end with a deal, it will not be what the ANC wanted and it will not be what we wanted. But there will be enough to give us a real shot at exercising a powerful influence inside government and of running some crucial portfolios,”

Zille told the media.

Upcoming DA Meeting

The DA’s Federal Executive plans to meet on Sunday afternoon to discuss the cabinet proposal and potentially decide on ministers.

Zille Defends DA’s Negotiations

Addressing Criticism

On Saturday, Helen Zille defended the DA’s stance, dismissing claims of “bickering for power” as “bizarre.”

“It’s bizarre to describe serious negotiations about portfolios that can make a real impact on rescuing our country, as ‘bickering’. There is no point in going into government if you cannot make a difference where it matters,” she said.

Responding to Accusations

Zille also addressed critics who accused her of using condescending language, calling them “professional offence-seekers.” Earlier in the week, President Cyril Ramaphosa had described a letter from Zille to ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula as “offensive, condescending, and inconsistent with the Constitution.”


The DA and ANC continue their negotiations to finalize the Cabinet, with both parties needing to compromise. As discussions progress, the DA aims to secure significant portfolios and play a crucial role in the government of national unity.

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