EFF Proposes Coalition with ANC – DA and FF Plus Not Invited

EFF Proposes Coalition

Location: Johannesburg

EFF to ANC: Let’s Team Up, But Leave the DA and FF Plus Out

The EFF is willing to form a government with the ANC, but only if the DA and FF Plus are excluded.

EFF’s Conditions for Coalition

At a Friday meeting in Johannesburg, EFF’s Marshall Dlamini outlined his party’s terms in a letter to ANC’s Fikile Mbalula, stressing the EFF’s commitment to the rule of law, anti-corruption, and transparency.

“The EFF is willing to join an ANC-led government, excluding the DA and Freedom Front Plus,” the letter stated.

Tension in Negotiations

This announcement follows prolonged talks to form a GNU and a delayed Cabinet announcement after the ANC lost its majority in the 2024 general elections. The negotiations have been rocky, with tensions high between the ANC and DA over Cabinet posts. President Cyril Ramaphosa and DA leader John Steenhuisen recently held fresh talks to resolve these issues.

EFF’s Election Manifesto and Strategy

Dlamini pointed out that the EFF and ANC could co-govern effectively based on their similar 2024 election manifestos. The EFF previously nominated candidates for national Speaker, deputy Speaker, and president to show their disapproval of an ANC-DA alliance.

The EFF opposes working with the DA and FF Plus, accusing them of representing “imperialist, counter-revolutionary, white supremacist agenda.” The party also criticized the DA for asking the United States to observe the elections, which they see as an insult to South Africa’s sovereignty.

Proposing a New Agreement

The EFF proposed drafting a new agreement or statement of intent with the ANC, excluding the DA and FF Plus. Dlamini emphasized the importance of principles like the total liberation of the oppressed, as stated in the Freedom Charter and the Constitution.

“The agreement should lead to stable provincial and municipal governments, ensuring accelerated service delivery,” Dlamini added.

EFF Proposes Coalition: Ensuring Representation

Dlamini assured that the EFF would never collaborate with the DA to remove the ANC from power. He stated their willingness to participate in the executive, provided the DA and FF Plus are excluded.

“We seek participation that will bring meaningful and historic change to the lives of the oppressed and the people of South Africa as a whole,” Dlamini said.

Final Plea to the ANC

Dlamini urged the ANC to consider the EFF’s proposal to avoid a “soft coup” that could undo historic gains. He stressed that even if the ANC does not see the EFF as its preferred partner, it should avoid working with the DA and FF Plus.

“We strongly advise that the ANC must not work with the DA and FF Plus to stay true to its historic mission,” Dlamini concluded.

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