SACP Urges Ramaphosa to Appoint Cabinet Amid DA Dispute


The SACP urged President Ramaphosa to quickly announce his Cabinet, criticizing the DA’s demands for positions.

Election Results and GNU Formation

In the May 29 elections, the ANC secured only 40% of the vote, its worst result since apartheid, losing its majority in Parliament.. President Ramaphosa then began his second term and formed a GNU with the DA, IFP, and Patriotic Alliance (PA).

DA’s Demands and SACP’s Response

DA’s Cabinet Position Demands

On Monday, reports emerged that the DA demanded 12 Cabinet posts in the GNU, including the position of deputy president. This demand was communicated in a letter from DA federal chair Helen Zille to ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula.

SACP’s Condemnation

The SACP condemned the DA’s demands, accusing the party of seeking to exclude other political parties from the GNU. SACP spokesperson Dr. Alex Mashilo said the DA’s actions seek to weaken the ANC and boost the DA’s power in government.

“Our preference is that of a minority government with GNU characteristics. The DA is fighting to exclude other parties to bring down the ANC’s 40% to the level of its 20%, exercising veto power under the guise of sufficient consensus,” said Dr. Mashilo.

SACP’s Call to Action

After its meeting, the SACP urged President Ramaphosa to appoint the seventh administration’s deputy president and ministers, regardless of the DA’s involvement.


The SACP’s strong stance against the DA’s demands highlights the ongoing tensions within the GNU. As the ANC and its partners navigate this political landscape, finalizing Cabinet appointments is critical for South Africa’s stability and governance.

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