Hackers Extort Millions from Snowflake Inc. Clients: The Cyber Heist Unfolds!

Snowflake Inc

Massive Breach: Snowflake Customers Targeted

Cybercriminals have launched a massive attack on Snowflake Inc. customers, demanding ransoms between $300,000 and $5 million from up to 10 companies.

Inside the Attack: Snowflake Inc

Using stolen login details, hackers accessed accounts of 165 Snowflake clients. The breach led to stolen data, which hackers are now auctioning on illegal forums to pressure companies into paying.

UNC5537: The Masterminds Behind the Chaos

Mandiant, a security firm, attributes the attack to UNC5537, a group based in North America and Turkey. This group has even made death threats against cybersecurity experts and harassed them with AI-generated fake nude photos.

Rising Tensions and High Stakes at Snowflake Inc

Snowflake Inc

Illicit data brokers are seeking prices above typical black-market rates, aiming to force affected firms to pay up. Despite the chaos, Snowflake has reported no recent unauthorized access and plans to close its internal investigation soon.

Notable Victims

Among the victims are Ticketmaster owner Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Pure Storage Inc., both reporting unauthorized access linked to Snowflake.

Stay tuned as this high-stakes cyber drama continues to unfold, exposing vulnerabilities and pushing the limits of digital security.

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