DA MP Renaldo Gouws: The Ghost of Racial Remarks Past Haunts Parliament

DA MP Renaldo Gouws

Background and Incident

Controversial Video Resurfaces

Renaldo Gouws, a DA MP and Nelson Mandela Bay councillor, faces public outcry over a video he made more than 15 years ago. In this video, Gouws criticized black South Africans and suggested no one would notice if Africa disappeared.

Public Reaction and Petition

The video gained significant attention on Youth Day, leading to over 15,000 people signing a Change.org petition started by Kimberly Jones. The petition calls for Gouws’ removal from parliament, arguing that his remarks are racist and could regress societal progress.

DA MP Renaldo Gouws’ Defense

Context of the Remarks

Gouws explained that his comments were made in response to EFF leader Julius Malema’s singing of “Kill the Boer.” He admitted to using “colorful language” and expressed regret over his choice of words. However, he stood by the sentiments he expressed, attributing his anger to the racial tensions at the time.

Social Media Response

In a now-deleted social media post, Gouws criticized the irony that people attacked him for old remarks while other political figures with provocative statements remained in power. He encouraged those offended by the video to reflect on the context and intent behind his words.

Implications and Next Steps

Petition’s Argument

The petition emphasizes the need for MPs to uphold principles of respect, understanding, and equality. It argues that Gouws’ divisive discourse is detrimental to South Africa’s progress and could negatively influence others.

DA MP Renaldo Gouws: Potential Consequences

The growing support for the petition indicates significant public discontent. It remains to be seen how parliament and the DA will respond to the demands for Gouws’ removal.


The controversy surrounding Renaldo Gouws highlights the enduring impact of past statements and the importance of accountability in public office. As the petition gains traction, the debate over Gouws’ future in parliament continues.

For more information, you can read the full article on TimesLIVE.

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