MK Party | Court Dismisses Khumalo’s Bid to Invalidate Zuma’s Presidency

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JOHANNESBURG – The Electoral Court has rejected MK founder Jabulani Khumalo’s urgent request to nullify Jacob Zuma’s leadership of the MK party. Khumalo claimed Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla forged his signature to falsely indicate his resignation in favor of Zuma. The court condemned the application as frivolous, lacking in merit, and an abuse of judicial processes, noting that Khumalo committed perjury. Source: eNCA

MK Party

MK Party: Case Details

MK Party: Khumalo’s Allegations

Jabulani Khumalo, the founder of the party, alleged that Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, the daughter of Jacob Zuma, had forged his signature. This forgery allegedly indicated Khumalo’s resignation, thus falsely paving the way for Jacob Zuma to assume the presidency of the MK party.

Court’s Response

The Electoral Court dismissed Khumalo’s application, describing it as frivolous and without merit. The court also criticized Khumalo for abusing judicial processes and noted that he had committed perjury.

Court’s Judgment

Application Dismissed

The court found no substantial evidence to support Khumalo’s claims and declared the application an abuse of the judicial system. The judgment emphasized the lack of merit in the case and highlighted the seriousness of Khumalo’s perjury.

Implications for Khumalo: MK Party

Khumalo’s actions not only failed to invalidate Jacob Zuma’s presidency but also damaged his credibility. The court’s ruling reinforces the legitimacy of Zuma’s leadership within the party.


The court’s decision marks a significant victory for Jacob Zuma and the party, affirming Zuma’s presidency and discrediting Khumalo’s allegations. The dismissal underscores the importance of credible evidence in judicial proceedings and the consequences of perjury.

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